How the Magic Happens

Manage Portfolio in App

Agents can handle their personal or agency portfolio through native apps that offer unmatched flexibility to manage the sales process at scale. Holofy enables you to grow or shrink team dynamically, assign properties between agents and track results.

Install Video Skill on your Website

After registration, you will receive a custom code snippet paired with your credentials. We've made our video skill compatible with most web platforms out there, so agents are a copy-paste away from getting it up and running in no time.

Insert the Reference Code inside the property descriptions and you are done

By including the matching reference code in the property description, our web skill will simply enable itself only when a reference is found. Hassle free.

Responsive, not intrusive.

Clients can engage with the web integration or dismiss it altogether. The video skill can cycle through three distinct states based on the level of engagement, hovering above your content, and always one click away.

Measure Engagement, Room by Room

See what your customers love to engage with, down to a room by room level. We measure key parameters of content consumption so you can continuously adapt your presentation based on what really works.

Let Results speak.
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